Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sardine Redux

Thanks to popular demand I have a couple of sardines to review today.  Both interesting in their own way, yet very different.

First off let's present the star of  the show: Coles's sardines, a smoked Portuguese sardine in olive oil.  These unexpectedly showed up at my local Shaw's. These are indeed the highest quality sardines I've been able to buy so far, about $1 more than the better quality King Oscar cans. 
Take a look at the contents, how neatly snuggled they are up against each other in their genuine smoked little skins.  How handsomely bronzed they are. Qualitatively these play in the big leagues.  The flavor and texture are outstanding.  Be forewarned, however, they are quite smoky.  I think they would be a very interesting substitute for a smoky bacon in some recipes, and these could make for a unique and surprising dish.  This is an idea worth exploring.

The second review is of a more pedestrian, but still a good eating can, these inexpensive Goya sardines in olive oil, imported from Spain.  They cost a mere $1.99 at Shaw's.
Could these even be the same species of fish as in the Cole's can? It looks like there are three sardines in this can!  In fact there was one other hiding underneath, for a total of 4 sardines. These are the brawny big brothers to the more delicate Cole's clan. Calling these sardines is a bit of a insult to the brethren of sardines.  These things are huge.... Nonetheless, despite the bigger size, they are meaty and the texture is good.  The meat is not too dry, the olive oil helps out here.  The eatin' is of acceptable quality and the price is right.  They make a decent quick lunch, and I recommend them.

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