Sunday, January 17, 2010

Post #5 - Sharing a Canon ip2600 printer using Windows 7 64-bit (updated 2011-06-05)

We have a Canon ip2600 printer which we've shared over our network for several years now via a PC running Windows XP . However, times have changed and the XP computer has been replaced by a Dell Zino running Windows 7 64-bit, so it's time to move the printer sharing duties to the Zino. Ah, what larks. What was ez-pz under XP turned into quite the little adventure under Win 7-64 bit.

It all started innocently enough - installing the printer couldn't have been easier.  After turning on the printer and connecting the USB cable to the Zino the drivers were automatically downloaded from the Internet and installed on the PC.  Wow, wasn't that simple?  However, our task is not quite complete, the PC which shares the printer must dole out the printer drivers to the network clients.  We must download and install those drivers onto the Zino. And of course our XP clients require 32-bit drivers.  Well that should be easy, eh?  Ah, what larks.

To make a long story short, attempting to install the 32-bit XP drivers on the Zino failed.  And why - well only the software gods can explain this one, but after some research, I discovered that the string that identifies the printer in the 32-bit ip2600.inf file does not exactly match the self-same string as the 64-bit description.

64-bit says: Canon Inkjet iP2600 series
32-bit says:  Canon iP2600 series

and n'er the twain shall meet nor match.  And they must.

To install the 32-bit drivers download the 32-bit drivers in the Canon driver file ip2600svst215ej.exe.  If you are searching the Canon support website make sure to select the Vista 32-bit drivers to find this file. After downloading use WinZip or 7-Zip to de-archive the contents to a folder on your hard drive - if you simply click on the .exe file it will attempt to install the drivers, and this will fail since these are for a 32-bit system and you are using a 64-bit OS.

Next, go to your new folder and edit the 32-bit ip2600.inf file to read:

"Canon Inkjet iP2600 series" = CNM_0331XP, LPTENUM\CanoniP2600_series341B, CanoniP2600_series
"Canon Inkjet iP2600 series" = CNM_0331XP, USBPRINT\CanoniP2600_series341B, CanoniP2600_series

"Canon Inkjet iP2600 series" = CNM_0331VISTA, LPTENUM\CanoniP2600_series341B, CanoniP2600_series
"Canon Inkjet iP2600 series" = CNM_0331VISTA, USBPRINT\CanoniP2600_series341B, CanoniP2600_series

Make the modification, save the ip2600.inf file, run the installation once again by clicking the Additional Drivers button under the printer's Sharing tab, check the x86 box to load the 32-bit drivers and now you are good to go.

And now a literary nod to old friends Pip and guardian Joe Gargery in Great Expectations:
"Pip," said Joe, appearing a little hurried and troubled, "there has been larks. And, dear sir, what have been betwixt us--have been."

**Note: on June 05, 2011 added details on the source of the 32-bit drivers and where to get them.
**Note: 04 April 2012, minor grammar update.
**Note: added URL to Canon Canada support website for driver


  1. Thanks for this post. Was driving me crazy!

  2. um i cant find the ip2600.inf file it seems like there is not 1 anywhere on my computer where can i get if from?

  3. In response to comment #2 - download the file ip2600svst215ej.exe. Please see the revised post for more details.

  4. I seem to be really close to getting this to work but when I follow your instructions and try to install the modified .inf I get this error.
    "Unable to install Canon Inkjet iP2600 series, x86, Type 3 - User Mode driver. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000002)." I've tried googling parts of that error with no success. Any ideas?

  5. Hi Kevin, I am thinking that maybe you are trying to replace the Win7 driver with the WinXP driver. Both must be installed.

    To install the XP driver, open the printer properties windows for the iP2600 and choose the sharing tab. At the bottom is a button named "Additional Drivers". From there I think it should be easy to follow the steps.

    If that's what you're doing, then I'm not so sure, you can post more info and I can help troubleshoot.

  6. I actually figured out the problem. It wouldn't let me install the second driver while the printer was on and plugged in. I just unplugged the printer and everything worked.

  7. Glad you got it to work! Now we know what that error message means :-).

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    What larks indeed!


  9. Yep, many thanks, note if you get the latest driver from Canon (Europe/UK) it doesn't work - googled the suggested file though and found it on Canon Canada! Jobs good ;-) Thanks very much.

  10. Thanks for the info, I've updated the page with a link to the Canon Canada support website. One less step.

  11. Unbelievable story. Thank you veruy much indeed. Why don't we go and to knock the shit out of these Canon people?

  12. I've done everything you've said, but I still can't print unless my laptop is connected to the printer. It just says that the printer is offline. I did everything: downloaded the file, extracted its contents, modified the ip2600.inf file, checked off the x86 box, EVERYTHING. Any idea what's wrong?

  13. It might be because when I connect to my family's main computer my laptop considers it 2 printers: Canon Inkjet iP2600 series and Canon iP2600 series. When I print from the one that says Inkjet it only works when the it is plugged into my laptop, and my latpot can't even connect at all to the one that doesn't say Inkjet. UGGHH so confused.